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Ralph Hamlyn Park

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10,000 Trees for the Dingman

ReForest London's "Graham 10000 Trees for the Dingman" project kicked off on Saturday, May 14, 2011, with a volunteer tree-planting at Ralph Hamlyn Park in Lambeth.

45 volunteers, including the Baha'i Community Youth Group, and several students from Saunders Secondary School, planted over 290 trees and native shrubs.

10000 Trees for the Dingman is a multi-year initiative to plant 10000 native shrubs and trees along the Dingman Creek watershed, made possible by a generous $25000 donation, over 5 years, from the Graham family of London.

"As a kid," explained Bill Graham, "I hiked, fished, and camped along the shores of Dingman Creek, and my family has a history with Dingman Creek and the Watershed. It's our hope that others too can enjoy this beautiful natural resource."

The tree-planting project is expected to improve the water quality of Dingman Creek and its feeders.

One of the volunteers was fulfilling an obligation from a silent auction run by a group called 'Timeraiser'. Instead of money, the currency of the auction is volunteer time - and you can't claim the item you're bidding on until the commitment has been fulfilled.

Additional plantings for the Dingman watershed will take place later this year.