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ReForest London is planting trees all over the city, in neighbourhoods, schoolyards, parks, and natural areas.  Check out our past projects by browsing below, or by sorting the projects by type, year, or location.


London’s Million Tree Challenge is lucky to have the support of many great Media Partners. These Partners come in all shapes and sizes ranging from TV and newspapers to radio, a magazine, weekly and monthly publications. Thank you to all our Media Partners for your ongoing support of the Million Tree Challenge.

This year's Western Fair was another wonderful opportunity to educate Londoners about the Million Tree Challenge and feature the giving away of 2000 native tree seedlings, many sponsored by our generous MTC Partners.

Every year, businesses, groups and Partners in London’s Million Tree Challenge participate in a special tree seedling/sapling giveaway to celebrate National Tree Day – a day during National Forest Week that serves as a celebration for all Canadians to appreciate the great benefits trees provide.

Students from CCH and employees from Orgaworld plant 350 trees at Dingman Dog Park

On one of August's hottest evenings to date, it was twenty adventurous volunteers who met in Gibbons Park to care for ReForest London's 2014 naturalization project.

Bad weather was no match for 390 trees and 64 volunteers - Western sure did serve in spite of the rain.

Twelve London religious congregations gathered to plant over 430 trees at McCormick Park.

Students from Mother Teresa Secondary School, Eagle Heights PS, and Orchard Park PS planted over 530 native trees and shrubs in this London park.

With over eleven-hundred trees planted, London natives Jim Keron and his son Rob Keron are dramatically demonstrating their part in helping London reach its goal of one million new trees.

Over one hundred trees find new homes thanks to Victoria Public School.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, 10 people ventured to Kensal Park, located in the Coves in central London, on June 6, 2015 to reforest the area with a mixture of 142 native trees and shrubs

Southdale/Millbank community created green gathering space on Saturday May 23rd.

On May 12, 2015, over 300 students from Emily Carr Public School helped to plant 17 large shade trees in NorWest Optimist Park.

On May 13, 2015, students from Ecole Elementaire Marie Curie planted 7 shade trees and over 20 shrubs in their schoolyard to bring added shade and biodiversity as a part of the School Community Tree Challenge.

Volunteers and staff at ReForest London participated with Food Not Lawns London in their 4th Annual Mother's Day Plant Sales at London Food Co-op this past weekend.

Residents at Boullee Housing Community created a new green gathering space, with more trees to be planted this fall.

On Saturday May 2, 2015, Reforest London had their first ever volunteer multicultural tree planting. About 48 volunteers planted 327 native trees and shrubs at Mildred Barons Park in the north section of London. 

On Saturday April 25th, 2015 a lot of people took part in cleaning the city’s parks. However, it seems that even more Londoners attended the Forest City Road Race in Victoria Park where ReForest London had a tree seedling giveaway.

Staples Canada’s annual Superpower Your School Contest, now in its fifth year, has awarded London’s very own Saunders Secondary School with the prize of $25,000 worth of new technology for their outstanding sustainability and environmental initiatives. 

Million Tree Challenge Partner, RCC Waterproofing, stepped up and generously sponsored 1,000 native tree seedlings for giveaway at the 2015 London Life Forest City Road Races this past weekend.

As Partners in London’s Million Tree Challenge, you are an organization or business that cares about a greener, healthier city for everyone. Especially if you have no land of your own to plant on, why not take that caring one step further and adopt a Park or Street through the City of London and have even more impact in making London a better place to live? 

This past Sunday January 18th, volunteers got to enjoy the warmth of the Civic Gardens while planting over 600 seedlings for our seedling giveaway program.

On Oct. 19, 2014, a team of volunteers from the surrounding community joined us on a lovely sunny day to add 119 native trees and shrubs to Frederick Park on the east end of town!

On Sunday May 4th 2014, ReForest London volunteers gathered to plant at Evergreen Park

A beautiful sunny fall day welcomed ReForest volunteers at the McCormick planting on September 6th 2014.