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ReForest London is planting trees all over the city, in neighbourhoods, schoolyards, parks, and natural areas.  Check out our past projects by browsing below, or by sorting the projects by type, year, or location.

Projects - Park Naturalization

Western Biology Students Give Back to the London Community by Participating in a Naturalization Project at River Road Park

Group of Active Community Members Plants 300 Trees at Veterans Memorial Park 

Despite cold and muddy conditions, olunteers planted 350 native trees and shrubs in this south London project.

Deloitte employees helped plant 150 trees.

Volunteers planted hundreds of trees in this new park near the airport as part of the Veterans Memorial Parkway Community Program.

Seven faith groups with 140 volunteers planted 500 trees at this southeast London park.

Employees of ScotiaMcLeod celebrate Scotiabank's Platinum Sponsorship of London's Million Tree Challenge by planting 300 trees at Whetherfield Park.

Despite it being the Thanksgiving weekend, over 50 volunteers pitched in to plant 150 native trees and shrubs in Helen Mott Shaw Park, a woodland just west of Masonville.

Despite it being the Thanksgiving weekend, over 50 volunteers pitched in to plant 150 native trees and shrubs in Helen Mott Shaw Park, a woodland just west of Masonville.

Over 50 volunteers came out to plant 450 trees in this ongoing park naturalization project.

Over 60 people gathered on Coronation Drive in the city’s west end to plant almost 250 native trees and shrubs on May 4th, 2013.

With just thirty-four volunteers over 400 trees and shrubs were planted in this sports park in south London.

Over 350 people attended the Celebration Forest planting on May 25th to honour and celebrate loved ones with the gift of a tree at this third annual event.

Spectacular weather made the first park naturalization project of the spring season even more amazing at Chelsea Green on April 27, Over 125 volunteers lent a hand (and foot) to plant 460 native trees and shrubs!

Over 160 volunteers from 12 faith groups planted 630 trees and shrubs in London's first interfaith tree planting event.

London's Carolinian Food Forest is a creative and collaborative naturalization project based on permaculture principles of design, implementation and care. The Saturday September 29th planting day dawned bright and sunny, with a threat of thunderstorms...

On Saturday, September 22nd, Londoners gathered in Byron to plant trees as part of an ongoing naturalization effort led by ReForest London. 

Volunteers planted 380 native trees and shrubs in this project sponsored by Amway to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Over 500 trees and shrubs were planted in this West end park in a project sponsored by Libro Financial Group.

Volunteers planted 220 trees and shrubs in an new naturalization project in Clara Brenton Woods

Clarke Road Secondary Students planted over 400 trees at Kiwanis Park.

With the help of 45 volunteers, we planted over 400 native trees and shrubs at McKillop Park right next to the Thames River, planting trees that were purchased as gifts and in memory of others in 2009.

Community volunteers and over 30 UWO students planted 270 trees and shrubs at Pottersburg Park.

ReForest London with three classes consisting of 84 grade 5 and 6 students from Tweedsmuir Public School and Saint Bernadette Catholic School planted over 200 native trees and shrubs at Fairmont Trail to naturalize the area.

ReForest London planted 250 trees, shrubs, and vines, plus dozens of acorns and hickory nuts at Briscoe Woods, with the help from Friends of the Coves, volunteers from Katimavik, MP's Irene Mathyssen and Ed Holder, and dozens of community volunteers