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ReForest London is planting trees all over the city, in neighbourhoods, schoolyards, parks, and natural areas.  Check out our past projects by browsing below, or by sorting the projects by type, year, or location.


Students planted trees and shrubs were planted near play structures and along fenceline.

Students created a new outdoor classroom with trees and shrubs and large stones in a crescent.

In this new ReForest London program, we are planting 1,000 trees in yards, along boulevards, in schoolyards, and in parks in the Glen Cairn neighbourhood. The project continues next spring.

With help from UWO students and neighbours, Life*Spin planted 20 trees in its new neighbourhood green space.

Native trees and shrubs were planted as part of three projects in the Coves Subwatershed.

Four trees and twelve shrubs planted at school to provide shade on playground.

Created a new naturalization area at St. Stephens and planted 3 large shade trees at Wellingsboro.

Over 100 trees were planted along the Parkway near Gore Road in a partnership with ReForest London, Trojan Technologies, and the City of London.

About 480 students planted an outdoor classroom at their school.

Nearly 300 students planted an outdoor classroom at their school.

Naturalization on area of land at Z Group apartments that houses hundreds of Londoners and is a visible part of the neighbourhood.

Students from the Richard Ivey School of Business planted 1,000 trees over two dates. The first was a kick-off event for the Ivey 10,000 Trees for the Medway Valley project; the second was a service day for the incoming business students. The class of 2007 pledged $20,000 to ReForest London for this project.

Planted shade trees for at Rollingwood Circle Park and Furanna Park. Also distributed native trees to residents.

Continued the Thames Park Naturalization project in Thames Park to complement past naturalization projects. Plantings consisted of 50 potted oaks, 10 shrubs, plus 700 wildflowers.

Create notes along river at River Forks Park that look out onto vistas across to the other side of the river. This complements a project begun in Spring 2006 to naturalize the park.

Students planted four shade trees and 12 shrubs to provide shade for their play structure.

Five shade trees and 12 shrubs to continue a large naturalization project begun last fall.

Large naturalization project in this park with help of youth and adult neighbourhood groups.

Over 800 White Spruce trees given away, sponsored by Canadale Nursery and Forestcare.

Over 300 White spruce seedlings were planted along the Veteran's Memorial Parkway between Trafalgar and Dundas. Trees from An Eventing with Al Gore event were donated to ReForest London. Additional trees were donated by Canadale and Forestcare.

We created a new naturalization area at St. Stephens and planted 3 large shade trees at Wellingsboro.

Volunteers planted 635 trees and shrubs as part of our continuing 10,000 Trees for the Medway project.

School children planted 64 native trees at Sprucedale Park along Stoneycreek.

Nearly 100 volunteers planted over 140 native trees and shrubs in this south east London park. In the spring 2006, 80 more trees and shrubs were added to the project site.

A parent-led group is planting 31 native trees and shrubs on the school yard.