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ReForest London is planting trees all over the city, in neighbourhoods, schoolyards, parks, and natural areas.  Check out our past projects by browsing below, or by sorting the projects by type, year, or location.


Seven trees, two serviceberries, and hundreds of new perrenials were planted in two new planters. One, on York at Clarence, has 5 trees and two shrubs. The other, along Wellington south of King, has two new trees.

ReForest London with three classes consisting of 84 grade 5 and 6 students from Tweedsmuir Public School and Saint Bernadette Catholic School planted over 200 native trees and shrubs at Fairmont Trail to naturalize the area.

ReForest London joined Scoutrees in planting 3,000 trees on April 24. Scoutrees led this initiative, which drew 1,200 volunteers from scouts, ReForest London, corporate groups, and the community.

London Life employees planted 870 trees as part of the London Life initiative Trees Please!. The project included tree planting at Ann Street Park and educational and fun activities at the London Life offices.

ReForest London planted 250 trees, shrubs, and vines, plus dozens of acorns and hickory nuts at Briscoe Woods, with the help from Friends of the Coves, volunteers from Katimavik, MP's Irene Mathyssen and Ed Holder, and dozens of community volunteers

ReForest London, students from the University of Western Ontario volunteer in Western Serves day, and volunteers from the community planted 426 native tree and shrubs at River Forks Park East.

ReForest London and the London Knights planted 400 trees to naturalize a new area in this east London park.

New trails along the Medway Creek were naturalized with 200 trees and shrubs.

With the help of 70 volunteers, we planted over 300 trees and shrubs.

Enthusiastic volunteers from the Westminster Park Community Association, Ivey School of Business, and St. Leonards planted over 400 trees and shrubs in record time.

We returned to Berkshire Park to plante over 200 trees and shrubs.

North East London Engagement and ReForest London partnered with the City of London to plant 26 new large shade trees at Ed Blake Park.

Friends of the Coves led this large project to naturalize an area between the West and East Ponds of the Coves.

This church got a new sitting area and trees to help stop erosion at the back of their church.

Five trees and seven shrubs were planted at the Nature Park, which is located behind Arthur Ford Public School

This Wortley Village church planted 7 trees in the front and back of the church for aesthetics and energy savings.

The Broughdale Community Association, King's College, and ReForest London partnered to plant 12 tree and 7 shrubs in two project locations.

ReForest London planted 29 trees throughout downtown London.

ReForest London sold trees at a discount to residents in the Glen Cairn / Pond Mills area to be planted in their yards.

Students planted 5 trees and 19 shrubs in a new outdoor classroom.

Students planted 5 trees and 19 shrubs to create a new outdoor classroom.

Students planted 5 trees and 16 shrubs to create a new reading circle.

Students planted 5 trees and 16 shrubs to creat a new reading circle

Students plant 5 trees and 24 shrubs to create a new outdoor classroom.

Students planted 5 trees and 24 shrubs to create a new outdoor classroom.