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ReForest London is planting trees all over the city, in neighbourhoods, schoolyards, parks, and natural areas.  Check out our past projects by browsing below, or by sorting the projects by type, year, or location.

Projects - Million Tree Challenge

At first thought, you may not connect a car dealership with helping make London greener but in the case of Robinson Mitsubishi, there is a strong and growing connection due to their new plug in hybrid vehicle. A new MTC Partner in 2018, Robinson Mitsubishi quickly got to work promoting a greener community through many different supportive initiatives.

Every year in late September, the Forest City celebrates National Tree Day. It falls on the Wednesday of National Forest Week and in London it has become a big part of the Million Tree Challenge’s focus. Londoners have even been known to wish each other “Happy National Tree Day!”

The London landscape just got a lot greener thanks to Renewi  Canada Limited who gave away 200 trees for people to plant in their yards!  Renewi, formerly Orgaworld, is also one of the Million Tree Challenge’s newest Bronze level sponsors and we thank them for being such amazing community supporters.

Old Oak Properties is a new Million Tree Challenge Silver Sponsor and official oak tree sponsor for ReForest London's 2018 planting season.

In celebration of M&T Printing Group’s 50th anniversary, London will be greener place. Giving back to the community is important for M&T and as Million Tree Challenge Partners, they are walking the walk through a wide variety of support.

Local real estate agent Marla Marnoch recently became a Partner in London’s Million Tree Challenge and added helping London’s environment to her portfolio of the social enterprise real estate business she runs called ReForest London is now a “change-maker” in this unique win-win-win way to donate money to community initiatives.

London’s Million Tree Challenge is excited to announce our newest Silver Sponsor, Cornerstone Architecture.


London sure loves getting free trees and thanks to National Forest Week and National Tree Day 2017, 3170 seedlings and trees found new homes on September 27. 

One of the most special events ReForest London hosts each year is the Celebration Forest Tree Planting Ceremony. Hundreds of people show up to this event to plant trees in memory or in celebration and to have the support from Partners for this event in particular is greatly appreciated. 

London is the winner when two community-minded MTC Partners team up for a big promotion of tree planting and London’s Million Tree Challenge. 

What could be a better business gift than one that grows and gives benefits to the community?

“I was searching for a more meaningful gift for my patients and their families,” said Dr. Carlo Pavan of Whitehills Dental Centre, “and I’m glad there was such a worthwhile opportunity in lieu of the traditional but short lived gifts of flowers etc. that I was giving to the families.” 

Million Tree Challenge Partners Wizards of Video are a powerhouse of support for ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge.

Since ReForest London’s early days, Kate and Geoff Rhodes, who own and operate Wizards of Video, have been strong supporters of getting more trees planted in London.

A Toast to Trees, London’s celebration of leafiness, was a fun, inspiring event complete with live jazz music, tree mood lighting and local wine and beer. The program and event slide show illustrated the impressive number of actions Partners and supporters are taking to grow this green legacy for London.

National Forest Week 2016 was a week of tree giveaways, tree planting and showing trees some love!

Harris Home Hardware on Adelaide Street in London has been a strong community supporter of tree planting in London since 2011 and an official Partner in London’s Million Tree Challenge since 2014. In fact, Home Hardware Stores Limited has been a longtime supporter of tree planting across Canada.

Million Tree Challenge Partner, R. A. Walker Construction Ltd., is a diversified company that has been serving London Ontario and surrounding area for over 40 years.Nathan Walker, the President of R. A. Walker Construction, has been very involved and supportive of both ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge for the past three years.  

A new Million Tree Challenge Partner, CityMatch, is a London business that provides a destination and settlement service for employers relocating talent to our city. The brainchild of Jodi Simpson, CityMatch is celebrating one year in business by planting a tree for each client she has helped relocate to the Forest City. 

ReForest London was pleased to attend and represent London’s Million Tree Challenge at a ground breaking ceremony that took place on January 22, 2016, for peopleCare’s first retirement residence, Oakcrossing Retirement Living. 

This year's A Toast to Trees reception was a joyous celebration of London's Million Tree Challenge and the Million Tree Challenge Partners, funders, volunteers and organizations that do so much to support a greener, healthier London.

London’s Million Tree Challenge is lucky to have the support of many great Media Partners. These Partners come in all shapes and sizes ranging from TV and newspapers to radio, a magazine, weekly and monthly publications. Thank you to all our Media Partners for your ongoing support of the Million Tree Challenge.

This year's Western Fair was another wonderful opportunity to educate Londoners about the Million Tree Challenge and feature the giving away of 2000 native tree seedlings, many sponsored by our generous MTC Partners.

Every year, businesses, groups and Partners in London’s Million Tree Challenge participate in a special tree seedling/sapling giveaway to celebrate National Tree Day – a day during National Forest Week that serves as a celebration for all Canadians to appreciate the great benefits trees provide.

With over eleven-hundred trees planted, London natives Jim Keron and his son Rob Keron are dramatically demonstrating their part in helping London reach its goal of one million new trees.

Volunteers and staff at ReForest London participated with Food Not Lawns London in their 4th Annual Mother's Day Plant Sales at London Food Co-op this past weekend.

On Saturday April 25th, 2015 a lot of people took part in cleaning the city’s parks. However, it seems that even more Londoners attended the Forest City Road Race in Victoria Park where ReForest London had a tree seedling giveaway.