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Partners Support National Tree Day

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Million Tree Challenge

National Tree Day 2014 was another great day for getting trees into the hands of Londoners thanks to 16 MTC Partners. Over 1850 Native tree seedlings and saplings were given away at 33 public and 5 private locations. For-profit Partners purchased seedlings for a special $3 price each and non-profit Partners received 50 FREE seedlings to give away. The City of London purchased 200 - 1 gallon saplings – always popular to receive a small tree and a choice other Partners may wish to consider.

Goodwill Adelaide Goodwill Horton

Above are photos of the seedling giveaways at Goodwill's Adelaide store (left) and the Horton store.

Londoners had lots of places they could get a free tree. Scotiabank gave away seedlings at each of their 14 London branches while Goodwill Industries offered them at 5 locations. Sifton Homes gave away 150 seedlings downtown while MP Irene Mathyssen gave them away for the second year in a row at her constituency office. Western University quickly found homes for 250 baby trees while Golder Associates did an internal giveaway to staff, as did the Canadian Cancer Society and London Home Builders Association.  Matt Brown for Mayor gave out seedlings at his campaign headquarters. Friends of the Civic Garden Complex gave their trees out at the beautiful City greenhouse and London Bridge Childcare gave the public trees at their Piccadilly St. location. ReForest London welcomed people to the office for a free baby tree.

London Bridge Childcare seedling giveaway Josh Randall at Irene Mathyssen

Above are seedling giveaway photos: London Bridge Childcare (left) and Josh Randall the first free tree recipient at the constiuency office of Irene Mathyssen MP. 

Many London students received seedlings through Victoria Public School, Woodland Heights Public School and urban forester Sara Rowland gave seedlings to students at a school presentation on Urban Forestry. 

City of London gave away saplings at Springbank Community Complex on Wonderland Road. 1 gallon saplings ($10 each) are perfect for Partners with a larger budget who wishes to give a larger tree.

Thank you to all Partners who participated and for the media who covered it. Your support of London’s Million Tree Challenge is greatly appreciated. Thanks for caring about a greener London. To everyone who received a new baby tree to plant we trust that you will care for it and register it in London's Million Tree Challenge. 

National Tree Day 2015 is promising to be even bigger. If you are interested being part of it with a tree giveaway contact Sheila Creighton, partnerships and marketing manager at 519-936-9548 x228 or