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Outdoor Classroom is planted at Sir G.E. Cartier Public School

Project type: 
Greening our Schoolyards


Cartier students diggingA very wet and muddy fall season didn't put a damper on the planting of a beautiful new Outdoor Classroom at Sir G.E. Cartier Public School. Students, parents and staff joined together with ReForest London and Little Creek Tree Farm to plant 5 large native trees and 8 native shrubs for a new Outdoor Classroom and learning area. The Cartier yard is now home to a beautiful White Pine, Tulip Tree, Silver Maple, Burr Oak, and the less common (but beautiful!) Hackberry. Birds love hackberries - we hope that the students at Cartier enjoy visits from our feathered friends in the future.





ReForest London Project leader Gabriele Sanio led students in the planting of trees and shrubs. Gabriele also spent time with each group explaining the importance of planting native species, their connection to the local ecosystem, and why native plants do best in our area. Students enjoyed the learning experience and had many creative thoughts about trees. When asked why we need trees, one young student responded by saying "We need trees because they help us breathe! And they're pretty!"  We couldn't agree more!




Principal Domenic LoRusso said students learned about "their responsibility for taking care of this valuable resource...and a valuable lesson about team work and how 'many hands make light work'".  Students, staff and parent volunteers will work together over the coming year to ensure the trees are cared for, protected, watered, and that the newly planted area remains clean and weed-free.
Projects like this are most successful long-term when there is an active volunteer team in place to care for the trees long after they are planted. Principal LoRusso knows this - he spoke of the community care and responsibility he saw at a previous school, where even years later, parents and students were very protective of the plants. He's confident that the community at Cartier will do the same! 

This project was one of 3 outdoor classroom installations ReForest London was involved in this fall, as part of our Greening our Schoolyards program. We are very grateful for the support of the Walter J Blackburn Foundation and the Arcangelo Rea Family Foundation. We also acknowledge the tremendous support of the staff at Little Creek Tree Farm for their continuous help in getting trees planted in London schoolyards.

We are also very thankful for the very generous support of Norms Tree Service for their donation of mulch and seating logs in numerous school projects over the past 7 years.