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Old South Community Organization - Thames Park

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

May 13, 2005 and May 6, 2006 and May 26, 2007

Old South Community Organization (OSCO) and ReForest London joined for a project with three important components:

Community Planting - More than 130 shrubs and 30 trees were planted at Thames Park (just behind the baseball diamond). About 100 volunteers planted and spread woodchips to create a new naturalization area near the stream that runs through Thames Park. In the fall of 2005, we returned to plant an additional 30 trees and shrubs. Then in the spring 2006, an additional 140 native trees and shrubs were added to the naturalization area. The group returned again in 2007 to add 50 potted oaks, 10 shrubs, plus 700 wildflowers. Maintenance of the naturalized area continues as the group returns.

Backyard Habitat - OSCO is striving to make our community better by making our own backyards more inviting to birds, butterflies and other wildlife. With a nod to London's 150th birthday, OSCO distributed 150 free trees and shrubs.

Village Green tree - A large Kentucky Coffee tree - a rare native species - was planted on the Village Green grounds to both mark London's 150th as well as to commemorate the on-going link between the Village Green and the Old South community. The Village Green continues to be a centre of activity in our community and the mature trees make it the very enjoyable space it is. MPP Chris Bentley dedicated the new tree at Gathering on the Green on June 4.

A mother and daughter team plant a dogwood.

MP Sue Barnes and her husband plant a tree.

The woodchip pile gets a little smaller with each wheelbarrow full. The woodchips were used to create a border around the new naturalization area.

Nearly 100 volunteers made the planting more fun.

This mother and daughter planted a cedar tree together.

Carefully the tree is removed from the pot.

The turf was tough to shovel through.


Andrew Macpherson, Manager of Park Planning with the City of London, came to help plant trees.

OSCO volunteer Barb Macdonell came back for another load.