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Old South Community Organization

Project type: 
Community Initiatives Green Funds

Spring 2008

One of the main gateways to the Old South neighbourhood, Carfrae Crescent, has been transformed to a green, welcoming entranceway to one of London’s oldest neighbourhoods. The Carfrae Green Gateway project consists of three parts: boulevard trees, placemaking plantings in Carfrae Park, and a new demonstration project on the east side of Carfrae Park.

Boulevard Trees
A primary partner in the project, the City of London planted 51 native boulevard trees last spring along Carfrae Crescent from Horton Street to Grand Avenue. The impact of so many trees planted at once has been remarkable. Tree watering buckets with drip holes and instructions for use were delivered to those who received a new tree, and many residents used them to keep their trees healthy throughout the long, dry summer of 2007.

Small Tree, Small Yard Demonstration Project
Perhaps the most unique part of the project is a demonstration project of over 30 native trees, showcasing 10 species that remain relatively small when mature. These include Striped Maple, Serviceberry, Blue Beech, Redbud, Pagoda Dogwood, Flowering Dogwood, Choke Cherry, Showy Mountain Ash, Nannyberry, and Hop Tree. All trees will be labelled, so that Londoners who are considering planting a smaller tree can visit the arboretum to see what the trees look like.

Project funding was provided by Labatt Breweries of London, ReForest London, Urban League of London, Wal-Mart Evergreen Green Grants, City of London, and Old South Community Organization.


ReForest London Technical Advisor Bill DeYoung gives a planting demonstration.



ReForest London board member Dean Sheppard shows how the watering buckets work.