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Old East Village BIA

Project type: 
Community Initiatives Green Funds

Spring 2006, Summer 2008

Old East Business Improvement Area teamed up with ReForest London to begin a three year plan to green up the Old East Business area. Twelve trees were planted along Dundas street between Adelaide and Rectory in the spring of 2006.

Four of the trees were planted near the Palace Theatre using an advanced planting technique. Using "structural soil" and larger planting pits improves the survival rate of the tree. Structural soil is a gravel and loam mixture that keeps soil from becoming compacted. Other trees were planted in soil along Dundas.

In summer 2008, six more trees were planted with this method, and one additional tree was planted in the traditional method.

Trees planted in the fall of 2006 in front of the Palace Theatre.

In the summer of 2008, the soil was excavated by drenching the soil with water, creating a mud, and vacuuming it out of the hole.


The excavated hole is ready for a tree. In the foreground, you can see some of the structural soil.

A street view of the 2008 installation, with the Palace Theatre trees in the foreground.

Trees in the truck awaiting their new home.

The tree is placed in the ground and backfilled.

After the tree is surrounded in structural soil, pavers are placed over the area to allow water to get to the tree while providing a safe walking surface.