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Kelly and Vida Greene planted a tree in 2005 at Thames Park. They reflect on trees in London, 10 years later.
Sara Hopkins, a graduate from the Horticulture Technician program at Fanshawe, likes using her knowledge to help Londoners learn about trees.
Sean Ibbott was just 7 years old when he planted trees at ReForest London's very first event at Gibbons Park in 2005.
Our volunteer of the month is stellar high-schooler Felicity! She has attended many tree plantings and our inaugural Neighbourhood Tree Blitz!
This month's Volunteer Spotlight shines on Nathan Walker, who is both a volunteer and a partner of the Million Tree Challenge!
The City of London is soliciting your feedback to help guide how they spend tax payer's dollars in the upcoming multi-year budget (new 4 year budgeting cycle).
For the month of May we would like to highlight a young volunteer superstar, Tingting Zhang!
Residents planted trees and shrubs in a new green gathering space.
We are seeking volunteers to help plant in 4 London neighbourhoods.
For this month's Volunteer Spotlight we want to thank ALL our amazing volunteers, your support is over-elming!