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You Spoke for the Trees - Council Listened

We all know we need more trees in the city. Through the budget process this year the Urban Forest Strategy was an option for Council to consider. We urged residents to alert their Councillors that trees needed to be funded NOW. Council listened.

We want to thank everyone who wrote an email, sent a tweet, shared on Facebook or called their Councillor. With your help, Council decided to allocate 3.4 million dollars towards the Urban Forest Strategy, with 1.8 million being available to plant trees immediately.

Over 17,000 Londoners saw the call to action to convince Council to fund it's own Urban Forest Strategy. Over 200 people interacted with us on Twitter, Facebook and via email, and we know your voice helped with campaign achieve success. 

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but trees do grow on a little bit of money - and you helped ensure there was money in the City budget for trees. You helped make sure City Council allocated the funds needed to implement its own Urban Forest Strategy.




Thank you for using your voice to SPEAK FOR THE TREES.

We all want a healthy and green community.