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Wild Craft a Greener London

MTC Partner Profile

Million Tree Challenge Partner, Wild Craft Permaculture designs as nature would with a holistic and sustainable approach. 

Jessica Roder Robertson, owner, is passionate about the natural environment sparked by spending her childhood summers in the wilds of northern Ontario and Quebec and fueled by degrees in biology, outdoor experiential education and city planning. 

“Working for an architectural firm in Edmonton is where I first heard the term Permaculture used in relation to community design.” Roder Robertson said, “I decided that I wanted to apply Permaculture to plants. I wanted to work more at the grass roots, educating and empowering people.”

Wild Craft logo

In business for three years, Wild Craft Permaculture offers design & build services, consultations, workshops and foraging walks. “People come to me and often they are excited they’ve found someone doing what I do.” 

Permaculture is a way of designing that mimics nature; creating self-supporting systems that require low maintenance. Roder Robertson noted, “The goal is to design a holistic system, that involves plants that grow naturally together, natural fertilizers, mulch in situe food, medicine, all designed into a system. This helps people become more self-sufficient and heal the earth while doing so.”

Clients receive a guide that offers a photo of the plant and its function explained such as: edible, medicinal, nitrogen fixer, mulch, and dynamic accumulator. This acts as a blueprint so to speak of the design and how it all works together. “The Carolinian Zone has so many awesome plants.” Roder Robertson states, “Most jobs include trees – I plant fruit trees a lot also native redbud, Saskatoon berry, dogwood. Smaller trees will adapt and grow faster in the long run.” 

Below is a before and after image of a recent project by Wild Craft Permaculture.

Before After

“In general, we should be doing more long term planning and planting a tree is a seven generations action.” Roder Robertson, “Will this tree benefit seven generations of my descendants?” A First Nations philosophy we should share.

“London’s Million Tree Challenge is important. The City shouldn’t be apart from nature. It should be integrated.” said Roder Robertson, “it’s good for the environment but also for our mental health and social well-being.”