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Volunteer Spotlight September 2014 - Wilda Mardlin

Name: Wilda Mardlin

 Volunteer Since: Spring 2012

 Volunteers as: Community Liaison, Neighbourhood Tree Captain, Tree Planter, Treecycle donor,  Tree Sale Organizer, Buckthorn buster.

 Autobiography: Originally from Wiarton Wilda had a backyard forest full of cedars, she remembers spending many hours climbing them. Wilda now calls London her home. She is retired, and is active in the community with the Horton St Senior Centre, the Unitarian Fellowship of London, friends of the library and hopes to get more involved with Friends of stony creek in the future. 

 Volunteering: "I volunteer with ReForest London because I've seen the decline in green spaces in this city, and it is such a shame to be paving paradise." 



Thanks for your continued support, Wilda!

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