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Volunteer Spotlight June 2016 - Gary Brown, Jason Jordan, Tammy Legresley

At our Annual General Meeting held on June 7, 2016, we started a new tradition of recognizing three of our fantastic long-standing volunteers for all the hard work, dedication, and effort given over the years by volunteering with ReForest London.

Gary Brown - Top Tree Planter

Gary has been volunteering with ReForest London since 2006 and he received the Top Tree Planter recognition for his dedication to tree planting.

Jason Jordan - Top Tree Specialist

Jason has been volunteering with ReForest London since 2010 and he received the Top Tree Specialist recognition, for his excellent work helping to teach others the importance of trees and how to plant and care for trees.

Tammy Legresley - Top Community Liaison

Tammy has been volunteering with ReForest London since 2012 and she received the Top Community Liaison recognition, for her great work engaging Londoners at our community events. 




Katie Van Den Berg, Community Engagement Coordinator with Jason Jordan
Tammy and Gary at our Annual General Meeting hosted at Toboggan