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Volunteer Spotlight February 2016 - Suzie Belleville

Name:  Suzie Belleville

Volunteer since:  2015

Roles:  Tree Guru, Community Liaison,  Tree cycle,  Tree planter.

Autobiography:  I was born & raised in Fort Erie ON (by Niagara Falls) and then moved to London.  It was a big change from a small town to a bigger city with more opportunities for work & volunteering.  Ended up working in the insurance industry (property & casualty) for over 15 yrs and received my A.I.I.C. & C.I.P. designation.   Got a nice home and live with my husband  and my two fur children (Jaxon & Jace - purrrrfect cats).  I love to volunteer with various organizations such as:  London Food Bank, Salvation Army  and I’m a continuous donor at the Canadian Blood/Plasma clinic.

Why Suzie volunteers with ReForest London: I enjoyed spending time in my backyard as it has a big view onto a forest.  Took on the task of gardening my whole back yard to the extent that there is now no grass.  Became  familiar with perennials, annuals, shrubs … and you guessed it “trees”.  I always love how the trees would show themselves off within each season.  

Started to help out my neighbours with their yards which lead me to ReForest London.  You see the funny thing about me getting involved with ReForest London was that I needed to get rid of some buckthorn trees.  ReForest London lent me a weed wrench to remove them. I got more involved with ReForest London to find out what trees were bad, what trees were good, what grows better in different location, etc.  

Once I attended their training sessions and continued to get exposed to the wonderful  world of trees …. I got hooked.  Can’t seem to stop talking about them & encouraging people to expand their yards to include trees.  Being part of their “Million Tree Challenge” and getting more people involved in this task.  London is know for being the “Forest City”, so it’s a great way to get the community involved and actually doing some “hands on” volunteering with the many “tree planting” events.  They are a lot of fun.  Lots of people with the same mission & interest working together as a team and changing the landscape all over London.  


Thank you Suzie! Want to find out how to get involved with ReForest London? Passionate about trees in your neighbourhood? Click here to view descriptions of our current volunteer opportunities and sign up, or contact our Community Engagment Coordinator at or 519-936-9548 ext 222 for more information.