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Volunteer Appreciation Brunch

On Saturday January 20, 2018, ReForest London hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Brunch to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. Volunteers are crucial to the achievement of our mission and we couldn't exist without them. As a result, it was great to be able to get together and not have any work for them to do!

Thirty one people came out to enjoy brunch from Dick N' Jane's Eggs and Fruit and go for a hike led by Parks Manager Kaitlin Richardson. The weather was sunny and mild, making it a great day to hit the trails. Plus, Kaitlin gave tips on how to identify trees in winter and showed volunteers the Meeting Tree. These were followed up by a prize draw and a viewing of the film, The Lorax - essential viewing for anyone who loves trees!

Thirty one people were able to make it, ranging from long-time volunteers to newer recruits. Furthermore, many volunteers gave feedback on the kind of recognition they would like to receive, which we will take into account when planning future initiatives! Many provided quotes as well, about their views on trees. Here are a few examples.

"Plant a tree even if you know you'll never enjoy the shade"

"A tree grows like a kid you must care for it and love it."

"A tree planted should last past generations. For every tree that dies or taken down two should be planted in its place"

"Love meeting people and helping improve the environment. Volunteer events are easy to schedule and are well organized!"

"Helping beautify any neighbourhood, city, is very rewarding"

"Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world"

Group Shot by the Meeting Tree

Laddy the Dog Looking at the Pond