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Tree Planting Resources

succession by Jane BowlesSpring is the ideal time to plant a tree. Check out these resources below to help you.

Why plant a tree? - Twenty-nine reasons why trees are good.

Choosing the Right Speices for London - This page offers several lists of native trees, shrubs, and plants that are suitable for the London area, as well as trees and shrubs you should avoid planting. Several lists give you detailed information about each plant, including its environmental needs, shape, and where to purchase the plant locally.

Choosing a Healthy Tree offers tips on choosing a healthy tree, such as how to choose a location, and what to look for at your nursery.

Planting and Care gives basic instructions on how to plant and care for your tree.

Our Suppliers is a list of the vendors we use to supply our plants and soil amendments.

Backyard Naturalization is an article on how to get started on naturalizing your backyard.

How to Kill a Tree offers a humorous look at what not to do to your trees.

Threats to London's Trees is an article written by Urban Forester Justin Morgenroth about why London's tree population needs our protection.