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Thank You for Speaking for the Trees

Thanks to the active support of many Londoners, City Council added $175,000 to this year's budget to support the Urban Forest Strategy.

Thank you to all who emailed, tweeted or spoke to the Councillors and City Staff in support of funding the Urban Forest Strategy. Your help was essential to achieving the $175,000 of funding for the Urban Forest Strategy, which will begin the implementation of the Urban Forest Strategy.

Concerned Londoners mobilized to reach out to their councillors; so much that one councillor said that out of all the budget issues, he received the most emails from constituents supporting the Urban Forest Strategy. Many Londoners used Twitter to message their councillors as well as personally emailing their councillors regarding the Urban Forest Strategy.

The Council decided that the Urban Forest Strategy needed to receive funding in the 2015 budget. The motion to pass full funding of $675,000 failed 8-6. The next day, Councillor Josh Morgan brought a new motion to Council, asking if they would fund operating costs towards the Urban Forest Strategy. This passed 11-3 and Council committed $175,000 towards the Strategy, enough money to get rolling in 2015 and prepare for an even bigger year next year.

Thank you to the Councillors and Mayor, who voted Yes on the $175,000 proposal. Special thank you to Councillor Josh Morgan for bringing the issue back to the council.