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Thank you to London's Latin Community


The Latin community of London showed their support for the Forest City during the Caliente Festival Hispano in early July. This initiative began by growing a sculptural tree made of paper leaves attached to a real branch. Each leaf represented a donation for ReForest London for a tree planting event this fall. On last day the tree had gained good canopy conformed by paper leaves which donors signed at the moment of stop by ReForest London booth at the Festival. This creative activity concluded with a beautiful tree seeded by funds which will be used to plant at least 10 more trees for the forest City this Fall!

Visitors wanted to know more about ReForest's London philosophy and support it. Some concerned about the current issues with the Emerald Ash Borer  in London, others motivated in being part of the One Million Tree Challenge were totally willing to support the cause planting more trees to improve the quality of London's Landscape.

In the meantime, kids, youth and adults guessed and learned English and Spanish tree names using ReForest's London tree Tree Quiz book. Children had fun having their hands ¨dirty¨ painting a mural and leaving their creativity fly away with Carolinian Forest leaves sketches.

People from different ethnical backgrounds stopped by to get literature and knowing more about planting initiatives in London; to learn about the best choices to plant trees and shrubs in London; to participate in this year London's Amazing Tree Quest and also those interested in improving their watering practices with their backyard trees received free Tree Watering Buckets.

Growing a Tree by the Latin community does not finish here, join us to growing more trees this Fall!

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Pictures taken by: L. Adriana Díaz, 2011

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