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Thanks to the London Middlesex Master Gardeners for including ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge in this fun, grassroots event!
The first of a series of monthly articles recognizing volunteers who have donated their time and skills to our organization.  This month in the volunteer spotlight; Skylar Franke
Champion tree planting in the backyards of your neighbourhood!
Volunteers with ReForest London's Parks Action Team broke out their spring wear this past weekend with a potting event with the Friends of the Civic Gardens!
David Crockett, our Board Chair and Co-Chair of London's Million Tree Challenge, has won the Ivey Enviromental Award from London Community Foundation.
As 2012 draws to a close, consider giving to ReForest London.
Ordering print or promotional materials through The Community Fundraiser helps us plant more trees in London!
Don't miss the fabulous Nature in the City series and learn about turtles, beavers, green roofs, and more!
Wednesday, September 26 is National Tree Day and the fifty groups that make up the Urban Forest Stewardship Network (UFSN) are calling on communities across Ontario to take five easy steps to prepare their trees for winter.