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London Public Library Summer Reading Club Supports the Million Tree Challenge

This summer, children have continued to “Read for Trees” as part of the London Public Library’s TD Summer Reading Club.  For every 20 books read in the summer reading program, ReForest London will plant 1 tree. This year with a mighty goal of reading 20,000 books the children are looking to plant 1,000 trees in London!

Any child can go to any London Public Library to sign up for the TD Summer Reading Program.  Kids and library staff will track of how many books each child has read.  There is a counter on the London Public Library website so that kids can trac how close they are to their goal.  As an added incentive, the program offers games, activities and weekly draw prizes.  This past weekend, over 300 seedling trees donated by ReForest London and the London Community Foundation were won at branches of the London Public Library across the city.

“What a great incentive to keep kids reading this summer,” said Julie Brandl, Coordinator of Children’s and Youth Services, London Public Library. “Not only are they improving their own literacy skills, they are also helping to improve their environment. This is such a positive message for children as it demonstrates how easily they can make a difference in their community. We are very optimistic that we will reach our goal of 20,000 books read so that 1,000 trees can be planted!”
Trees will be planted this fall at Byron View Park on September 22, 1-4pm and at Meadowgate Fields Park on October 13, 9am-noon. More details available closer to planting time.

“Trees, kids, and literacy are a perfect fit,” said Julie Ryan, Director of Programs at ReForest London. “Children are very aware of the environmental threats that face our community and our planet. This program gives children a direct way to help the environment through their actions.”
Trees planted through this program contribute to London’s Million Tree Challenge, an initiative to inspire Londoners to plant one million trees. The campaign is led by the City of London and ReForest London with nearly 70 community and corporate partners, including the London Public Library.

Our thanks go out to London Community Foundation for sponsoring the seedling prizes, and to David and Marcia Crockett and Canon for sponsoring the two upcoming tree planting projects.

Children Reading