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Kids Read for Trees

I Read for Trees!

This summer, children participating in London Public Library's TD Summer Reading Club are "reading for trees." For every 25 books read in the summer reading program, ReForest London will plant 1 tree. Children can go to any London Public Library to sign up for the TD Summer Reading Progam. The program will track how many books they read and report it on their website.

If children read as many books this summer as they did last summer, over 800 trees will be planted. To date, participants in the Library's TD Summer Reading Club have read enough books to plant nearly 300 trees.

Volunteers will help ReForest London plant the trees in two events this fall at White Oaks Park and Wychwood Park. Children participating in the TD Summer Reading Club will be invited to help plant their trees. Tree planting is a fun outdoor activity for children and their families, and ReForest London draws many families to their tree planting events.

"What a great incentive to keep kids reading this summer," said Julie Brandl, Coordinator of Children's and Youth Services, London Public Library. "Not only are they improving their own literacy skills, they are also helping to improve their environment. This is such a positive message for children as it demonstrates how easily they can make a difference in their community. We are very optimistic that we will reach our goal of 20,000 books read so that 800 trees can be planted!"

"Children have a strong interest in the environment. In fact, the degradation of the environment is at the top of the list of many surveys of children's concerns. At the same time, we as a culture offer children little they can do to affect the environment beyond changing their personal consumption habits," said Julie Ryan, Executive Director of ReForest London. "We think kids will be excited by the idea that they can help plant trees by reading books. We also hope that many children would be able to join in the tree planting events in the fall."

The TD Summer Reading Club is sponsored by TD Bank, and the tree planting projects at the two London parks are sponsored by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.