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Happy International Volunteer Day

This Wednesday, December 5th is International Volunteer Day!  It's no secret that ReForest London depends on volunteers at every level of the organization to help us do good green work in and around the community.

From the noble tree planters who help us get trees in the ground every spring and fall... the relentless aftercare specialists, doing their best to protect those trees by fending off weeds and invasive species.


We are thankful for the friendly Liasons and costume-wearing Tree Mascots who promote trees at every opportunity...


and for our reliable Tree Gurus whose interest and enthusiasm has driven them to put in the extra time to train, put on a brightly coloured vest, and assist other volunteers time and again...

We also have many "backstage" volunteers who we would like to recognize today.  Those selfless individuals who sit on our Board of Directors and various Committees to make the tough decisions that keep us going strong.  The creative MTC Action Team members whose ideas fuel the planning for London's Million Tree Challenge.  We have writers and reporters and crafters and transporters, graphic designers, and odd-job-ers, all who are happy to help in any way they can!

On behalf of our entire organization I would like to extend our sincerest thanks to volunteers, past present and future, that give their time to us, and countless other organizations in London, Canada, and the World!  Give yourselves a pat on the back today, you certainly deserve it!