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Growing Interest at Seedy Saturday

On Saturday March 9th 2013, ReForest London participated in the London Middlesex Master Gardener’s Seedy Saturday event at the Carling Heights Community Centre.  The community centre was buzzing with passionate and keen gardeners, looking for great seeds and tools for their spring needs.  Seedy Saturday is an annual event that showcases local gardeners, environmental organizations, and gardening vendors, and also hosts speakers and workshops for the London community. 

At an informative booth, friendly ReForest London Volunteers engaged residents on a variety of topics including trees in their neighbourhood, the Emerald Ash Borer, ways they can improve Londons urban forest, ways to volunteer with ReForest London, and the Million Tree Challenge.  Residents were also invited to complete a brief questionnaire about a prospective new program that ReForest hopes to initiate in the spring 2013 (pending on funding).  The “Tree Hostel” program (working title), involves giving Londoners the opportunity to grow trees in their own backyard for 2 years, then donating them to ReForest London for use in park naturalization projects.  The Tree Hostel questionnaire will also be available to complete at the Civic Gardens Greenhouse Tour on Sunday, April 28th.  After this event, ReForest London will draw one of the ballots randomly to win a $25 gift card from Lee Valley. 

ReForest London’s exciting new Neighbourhood Tree Captain Program was also a highlight at this event.  A Tree Captain’s job is to find places in their neighbourhoods where trees can be planted, and to help their neighbours get the tools and knowledge they need to plant trees in their yard.  Many Londoners were delighted with the idea of becoming a cape-wearing Tree Captain! 

The Million Tree Challenge Tree Mascot circulated at this event, encouraging Londoners to discuss what they liked most about trees, and had them write it on a leaf and pin it onto her costume. By the end of the day she was covered in leaves, and handed out many Million Tree Challenge temporary tattoos to the youth at the event.  Some of the popular tree values written on the leaves were; provide us with oxygen, habitat for animals, enjoyable for climbing and the sound leaves make in the wind.

Would you like the Million Tree Challenge Tree to make an appearance at your event?  Interested in volunteering your time with ReForest London?  Email or call 519-936-9548 ext222 for more information.

Thanks to the London Middlesex Master Gardeners for including ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge in this fun, grassroots event!

Article by Volunteer Skylar Franke