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Green Reads: Bringing Nature Home

Kaitlin's Pick: Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy

Bringing Nature Home

Winter is a great time to cuddle up with a blanket, and read a good book. So, we thought we would share what we're reading this month. 

Kaitlin's book of the month is Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy. Kaitlin is the Project Manager, Naturalizations and Aftercare at ReForest London.

Bringing Nature Home draws important connections between planting native plants and supporting our wildlife presented in the format of an easy-to-understand illustrated novel.

It all comes down to the food web. Because insects and plants evolved together, insects are often highly specialized in the plants that they eat. The birds that breed here in Ontario require insect protein to feed their young.

What’s the connection? Without native plants, insects have no food source. Without insects, our birds have no food source. You can even extrapolate this to say that without birds, a lot of other wildlife (including birds of prey) have no food source! If we want to sustain wildlife, we need native plants. As Doug Tallamy wrote when he signed my copy of the book, “Garden as if life depends on it!” 

This book is based on a lecture series by Doug Tallamy that examines which native trees support the most insect life and consequently, the most birds! Can you guess what the top 5 are?


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