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Gardening in the City Series

Gardening in the city

A series of 4 presentations covering a variety of earthy topics that grow on you! Topics will include gardening, flowers, vegetables, garden tools, edible landscapes, what soils to use, and more.

Central Public Library - 251 Dundas St. London, ON

  • Stevenson & Hunt Room
  • FREE

March 10 - Community Gardens
First in the series is Ross McDermott of the London Community Resource Centre giving a presentation on benefits of Community Gardens.

March 17 - Container Gardening
Second in the series is Master Gardener Jennifer Grant will share her experience growing beautiful flowers, herbs and vegetables in containers. Hands on demonstrations will help explain what soils to use, container styles and what plants grow best together.

March 24 - Communities in Bloom & Garden Gates Open
Third in the series is Donna Currie sharing her passion for Communities in Bloom and Garden Gates Open. Learn how to participate in current programs or start your own programs/clubs. Meet other gardeners to learn about swapping seeds, sharing plants and garden tools.

March 31 - Permaculture
Forth in the series is Lance Meredith, Coordinator of the Chatham Kent Community Gardens, Permaculture designer and farmer will discuss the popular topics of edible landscapes and permaculture design for the home owner and gardener.