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New JA Business Helps Plant Trees

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

A new Junior Achievement business in London, Clean Green, is dedicated to helping the environment not only through their cleaning products, but by being a Million Tree Challenge Partner and donating to ReForest London. Josh Lehman, owner of Clean Green tells the story behind this new business.Clean Green staff

“Clean Green is a Junior Achievement company that manufactures and sells a multi-purpose cleaner. We began on October 20, 2014 and will continue operations until April 4, 2015.” Josh Lehman said, “Our cleaner is made up of vinegar, water, dish soap, tea tree oil and baking soda (attached to the bottle for extra strength). We currently have 14 high-school aged shareholders in our company and we have over 140 sales ($1400 in revenue) in our first month. Our mission is to provide our community with a green and safe product that inspires future generations, while making a difference within the community.”

Josh Lehman feels it’s important to give back. “Helping the environment is important to me because its deterioration is becoming more prevalent and concerning worldwide.” Lehman notes, “The Million Tree Challenge is something we want to be a part of because it's a challenge to the London community to help the environment and one million trees would be a substantial contribution. Also, London is called the Forest City and we have a reputation to maintain.”

This new business is ‘walking the walk’ and supporting environmental initiatives. “Clean Green, has chosen to give $3 for every 5 products we sell.” Lehman said, “So far we have set aside $108 to donate to ReForest London and we expect that number to grow exponentially as we continue to sell our products. We decided to donate to ReForest London in particular because our company’s focus is ‘green’ and we thought that helping our community's environment would help build that image.”

Clean GreenEveryone has a tree story or two and Josh Lehman is no exception. “I have two vivid memories regarding trees, both involving me running into them.” Josh Lehman quips, “One of my other most beautiful tree memories however involves me walking down my street during the fall season. I was walking home from school and the trees lining both of my streets looked stunning. I will never forget how spectacular the different colours of the leaves looked in the sun, it really brightened my day.”

Clean Green products are available through their company members and anyone interested can find the closest representative by emailing They will also be having a sales event at White Oaks Mall on Saturday, February 7, 2015.  You can also visit them on Facebook at or Twitter @CleangreenJa.

Thank you Clean Green for your support of planting trees in London, being a Million Tree Challenge Partner and caring about the future health of London!