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Neighbourhood Tree Blitz

You can plant a legacy of leafy trees in low tree canopy neighbourhoods, improving the health of residents, increasing property values, creating safer and more walkable streets. Help make London greener one tree at a time!

Urban trees are proven to increase local biodiversity and to reduce our environmental footprint by cooling and cleaning air and water. They also provide human benefits such as more desirable and active neighbourhoods. By focusing our most intensive efforts in low tree canopied areas, we increase social equality which is fundamental to stronger communities.

We need your help to get these trees into local neighbourhoods. Each season we will target a different neighbourhood that needs more trees, and we need strong volunteer support. On event dates, our volunteers go door-to-door with wagons full of trees to offer to residents. Please sign up today to be part of this exciting initiative

To volunteer, we ask that you take one training session to learn how to recommend tree species and how to properly plant a tree. Invite a friend! Sign up here.

The trees are between 4-7ft tall, and are a variety of species (see list here). Only homes that receive an advance notice will have a volunteer team visit.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us deliver advance notices to homeowner mailboxes 1-2 weeks before the Tree Blitz dates. Please sign up here to deliver advance notices!

As well, we really need folks with trucks or large vehicles to help us with logistics the during the day of the event. If you can help this way - please email  directly. 

All trees planted on the Tree Blitz days will count towards London's Million Tree Challenge. If you have planted any trees since 2011, please take the time to register them at and be counted! 

Neighbourhood Address Date Time Volunteer
Woodfield Lord Roberts Public School
440 Princess Ave
Sun. May 7th 12:30pm -
Huron Heights Stronach Community Centre
1221 Sandford St
Sun. May 28th 12:00pm -
Hyde Park West Park Church
955 Gainsborough Rd
Sat. June 3rd 12:30pm -
South of Sarnia Rd Chesham Heights Park
328 Castlegrove Blvd
Sun. June 4th 10:00am -
Blackfriars West Lions Park
20 Granville St
Sat. June 10th 10:00am -
Oxford Park & 
Kensington Village
Family Services Thames Valley
125 Woodward Ave
Sun. June 11th 10:00am -
Old East Village Boyle Community Centre
530 Charlotte St
Sat. June 17th 10:00am -

Neighbourhood Tree Blitz Training
We encourage all volunteers to take this 1.5 hour training to get comfortable with recommending species to homeowners and proper planting techniques. Sign up below.

Date Time Location Sign Up
Sat April 1 10:30am -
ReForest London Offices
944 Western Counties Rd.
Sign Up
Thurs April 27 6:00pm -
Carling Optimist Community Centre
656 Elizabeth St.
Sign Up
Thurs May 18 6:30pm -
ReForest London Offices
944 Western Counties Rd. (cancelled)
Sign Up
Tues May 23 7:00pm -
Boyle Community Centre
530 Charlotte St,
Sign Up
Thurs June 8 7:00pm -
ReForest London Offices
944 Western Counties Rd.
Sign Up


Our Sponsors

Projects like this would not be possible without the help of our community. We would like to thank the following organizations for their support:

Forest City ($15,000+)

Neighbourhood ($5,000-$14,999)

Street ($1,000-$4,999)