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National Tree Day Depot - Sept 27

Project type: 
Neighbourhood Re-Leaf

national tree dayImagine a 50-foot-long trailer stacked with trees 12 rows high; a solid wall of leafy possibilities! Almost 2000 trees were brought in to be given out to Londoners for National Tree Day at three major Tree Depots across the city. Every single fruit tree, shade tree and every tree in between were taken home by residents, showing not only that we care deeply about our local environment, but also that we really are the Forest City!


national tree dayWith a huge amount of support from the City of London and our dedicated volunteers, all three Tree Depots were a great success, with each event giving out their trees in record time. The positive feedback from the community was incredible; it was quite inspiring to see how much Londoners care about our city’s environmental health and the well-being of future generations. All the trees given out will have a huge impact on the local environment and will continue to improve the Forest City’s landscape for years to come.


national tree dayThank you so much to everyone who came out to support National Tree Day in the Forest City! A special thank you to the City of London for partnering with us on this project, and the City’s Forestry and Parks staff and ReForest London volunteers that made this day a huge success.


A STIHL-sponsored Tree Depot of 100 trees was held at the ReForest London office on National Tree Day as well, which gave out all of its trees!


Thanks also goes out to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Richard and Beryl Ivey Fund of the London Community Foundation, TreeMe, London Life and the City of London, and STIHL for being lead funders on this project.