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Mountsfield Public School

Project type: 
Greening our Schoolyards

Mountsfield Public School
November 22, 2005 and Spring 2006

The Environment Club at Mountsfield Public School wanted to get some trees planted at their school. The Mountsfield school grounds links several environmentally significant areas in Old South.

Environment Club facilitator, teacher Shelley Zeeb - along with another teacher - sacrificed their hair for the cause of trees at a fund raiser. As part of their Earth Week celebrations, Zeeb challenged the student population to raise $500 in one week to raise the money to qualify for ReForest London's matching funds.

"We're all concerned about the lack of tree coverage in their Forest City, said Zeeb. "So I told them that if they could raise the money, I would cut my hair. The theme was 'chop hair, not trees'!"

With tremendous teacher and community support, as well as another teacher willing to go under the scissors, $630 was raised. When this was added to the money raised by teacher Jenn Dodds and her recycling club, Mountsfield raised over $1,000.

This fall five native trees and 9 shrubs were planted on the school grounds. One tree was planted at the front of the school to begin what the principal hopes will be an arbour that grade 8 students can add to with a class gift of a tree. One tree was planted outside the kindergarten class to create shade. In the spring students will plant a butterfly and bird habitat area around the tree. Three shade trees were also planted around the play climber for shade.