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Medway Tree Blitz and Depot - June 12, 2016

Project type: 
Neighbourhood Re-Leaf

The extreme wind didn’t keep people away from the event, though it kept many of our trees from staying upright. 36 ReForest volunteers and dozens of residents gathered at Banting Secondary School for the Medway Tree Blitz.  Ward 7 Councillor, Josh Morgan, was on hand to help kick off the event.  He thanked the assembled volunteers for helping to eliminate barriers and for their hard work greening the neighbourhood.  His daughters were eager to help hand out buttons to the line up of around twenty people ready to pick their trees out at the Tree Depot.


Brad (longtime ReForest volunteer and worked at ReForest London for 9 months as the Projects Assistant) and Shirley (a GIS volunteer) were excited to get their day started.  They found success at the 9th house on their route and really took the time to educate residents about ReForest London and the needs of the specific tree they were planting.  In this case it was a Macintosh Apple for Andrew, who always wanted an apple tree and loves to grow his own food and get his hands dirty in the garden.







Next door, Brad and Shirley planted a Blue Beech for Jim, Donna, and their very friendly dog Chloe.  Donna exclaimed, “I like it!  It’s the cutest little tree!” and went on to talk about how London is the Forest City and so many trees have come down over the past few years.  “It breaks your heart.”









Frequent ReForest volunteers Julie & Tyerrell were out with their dog Summer.  They had some success on their first route, planting one tree and giving away another six, and were enjoying some ice cream before heading back to headquarters to get more trees, mulch, and another route.



Serviceberry was a very popular choice along Route 4, manned by Saanzaan, Hyeonguk, and Aid who said he was volunteering to give back to the community and help the environment.  One happy homeowner on the route, Barbie was excited for her tree because 'it looks pretty, provides shade, and is good for the environment.'




Brianne (ReForest School Community Tree Challenge Coordinator), her friend Matt and his son, Alex, planted a Blue Beech for a local resident.  Trees are important to Alex because they ‘help to clean the air, give shade, and are a lot of fun to climb’!



All told, over 50 trees were planted in the community and over 200 were picked up at the Tree Depot.  Another exciting and successful step towards re-greening the city of London and reclaim its moniker, The Forest City.

Thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Richard and Beryl Ivey, a fund within the London Community Foundation, TreeMe and the City of London  and KPMG for being lead funders on this project.

Storyteller: Kate Sepi