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Meadowgate Fields II - May 1, 2016

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10,000 Trees for the Dingman

We continued to reforest this large City park with a planting event at Meadowgate Fields. Our 36 volunteers worked diligently to plant more than 200 bareroot native trees and shrubs! Now if you've ever planted a bareroot tree, you can attest to the fact that the process is much more tedious (and a lot more work!) than planting a potted tree. In addition to digging a big hole, you need to spritz the roots of your tree with water to keep them moist while they are outside of the hole, hold the tree upright while backfilling the soil, and you have to use every bit of soil that you dug out. That means scraping excess soil off sod, shovels and sometimes even your boots to fill the hole!

A giant ReForest London thank you to Donald Craig of Tree Canada for donating 200 bare root plants for this project, and to TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and the City of London for their support.

Some memorable moments from the event were the surge of energy towards the end of the planting to get the rest of the silver maples in the ground, groups working together to get their "bag" of bare root trees planted and one volunteer remarking "bare root trees are much easier to dig up than to plant!"