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Marconi Tree Blitz

Project type: 
Neighbourhood Re-Leaf

Reporter: Angela Romanoff

It was a bright and warm Sunday afternoon when the staff and volunteers of ReForest London set up their headquarters at John P. Robarts Public School in the Argyle/Marconi neighbourhood for a Tree Blitz.

Eager residents started showing up well before the 12:30 start time and were full of questions and interest over which free trees to take and plant. Families could be seen choosing a tree together while others were on their phones consulting with family not there, as people young and old perused the selection.

Meanwhile, teams of veteran volunteers and one newbie hit the streets delivering pre-requested trees and going door to door.

The team of Danny and Catherine have a combined 7 tree blitzes under their belts with Catherine helping not only with planting but also helping to create the route maps that show the teams where to go. They started their route in high spirits and were soon rewarded with their very first tree of the day, a blue beech, to a happy home owner who was already out gardening. Catherine shared that while you can sometimes get quite a few ‘no thank you’s’, getting a yes makes all your work worthwhile.


Another team of volunteers was made up of veteran Ryan and newbie Emily. While Ryan is a seasoned tree blitzer, Emily is a new volunteer who is a resident of the neighbourhood and really wanted to help ReForest London add some green to her neighbourhood. Emily was also one of the helpful volunteers who distributed the Advance Notices to her neighbours. Both Ryan and Emily were full of smiles as they went door to door, planting trees along the way, seemingly unfazed by anyone who turned them down.

The event was a success for Reforest London, who gave away 112 trees Sunday afternoon, and there were many happy homeowners and families who we hope will enjoy their new tree for many years to come.

Thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Richard and Beryl Ivey, a fund within the London Community Foundation, TreeMe and the City of London for being lead funders on this project.