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Lorne Avenue Public School

Project type: 
Greening our Schoolyards

Lorne Avenue Public School's Planting Day!

Jacalyn Grabowski, wife, mother and a member of both Old East Village Community Association and the Lorne Avenue School Council was the neighbourhood volunteer, helping out ReForest London's, Gabi. Both trees and shrubs were planted with the children of Lorne Ave. Public School.

The trees planted that day were: Sugar Maple, Hackberry, Tulip Tree, Native Sycamore - which is different looking from the London Plane Tree that most of us associate with the name Sycamore and White Pine, Ontario's tree emblem.

To say that everyone worked hard is an understatement. The children put a great deal of effort into doing their part.

The pictures prove it.

Photos and Story by Linda Simpson


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