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Lambeth Public School Outdoor Classroom

Project type: 
Greening our Schoolyards

Despite the blustery cold weather on April 27th 2012, the playground at Lambeth Public School was buzzing with excitement.  According to teacher Mrs. Logan, students had been asking her all week long "Is it today? Can we plant trees today?". 

Teachers, parents and the whole school from K-8 participated in the creation of their Outdoor classroom over the course of the day.  Grade 5-8 students helped in the morning with digging holes and planting the larger trees, grades 3-4 planted and watered shrubs, and K-2 students helped to spread wood chips over the entire learning area.  

Each group was greeted by ReForest London's Gabrielle Sanio, and given an interactive introduction to the importance of trees and planting native species.  Some inspiring thoughts from students came out of these introduction sessions:

""It's important to plant trees because they make the air clean" - Belinda (Grade 2)

"I'm so excited to help the trees and the birds and the animals and I like nature!" - Hunter (Grade 2)

"People cut down trees to make paper, they can't cut down these trees because they're on school property" - Pam (Grade 4)

Lambeth Public School is in the process of submitting an application for the Ontario EcoSchools program for 2012.  To be certified as an EcoSchool, Schools are awarded points towards their EcoSchools certification in six areas: Teamwork & Leadership, Energy Conservation, Waste Minimization, School Ground Greening, Curriculum and Environmental Stewardship.  For more information on the EcoSchools program, visit  Last year Lambeth received a silver standing in the certification, but this year they're going for gold!

We are grateful for the support of Earth Day Canada, Lutheran Social Services and Sobeys for their support of this project.

Filling buckets Mulching
Digging Planting