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July 2018 - Kentucky Coffee Tree

This month, ReForest London is re-introducing a series of "Tree of the Month" articles, where we will feature a tree found in our region.

July's "Tree of the Month" is the Kentucky Coffee Tree!

Kentucky Coffee Tree

The Kentucky Coffee Tree has been considered threatened in Ontario since 2008 through the Endangered Species Act, due to lack of suitable habitats and poor seed production. 


Quick Facts

  • Can grow up to 15 - 25 metres tall, and 60 centimetres in diameter
  • Leaves are the largest in Canada at
    60 - 90 centimetres 
  • Can survive up to 75 years
  • Soil: moist, rich soil; however the Kentucky Coffee Tree can tolerate shallow rocky or sandy soils
  • Shade intolerant, often relying on the shade of other trees in its surrounds. 
  • As the leaves on the tree mature, so do its flowers in late May to late June. The flowers bloom in in a greenish-white colour and give off a rose-like fragrance. 
  • Roughly 9 months of the year are spent without leaves
  • Fruit Production
    • Hard, dark and leathery bean-like pods
    • Typically 15 - 25 centimetres long with 4 - 7 seeds in them
    • Fruit remains on the trees throughout the winter months


For more information about the Kentucky Coffee Tree, click here.