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John Zubick Limited Raises Funds for Trees

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

John Zubick Ltd. e-waste recycling eventAs part of Earth Week and London's Clean & Green activities, Million Tree Challenge Partner John Zubick Limited held an e-waste recycling event to raise money to go toward tree planting in London’s Million Tree Challenge.

If any business knows about recycling, it is John Zubick Limited. A London-based company with over 55 employees, John Zubick Ltd. have been recycling in London since 1948. As a company, they have recycled over 3.3 million tons of material!

Matt Zubick knows the value of community and of trees, and he said, “We became a Million Tree Challenge Partner because it embodies the concept of thinking globally and acting locally.” Zubick adds, “It’s easy to get worked up over the diminishing rainforest and other environmental disasters around the world and as important as those issues are; the truth is we have a responsibility right here, right now.  Each tree that we plant helps reverse some of the damage that has been done. It helps the local ecology, cleans the air and beautifies our local landscape.”

On Saturday, April 26th, John Zubick Ltd. hosted an event at their Clarke Road facility where people dropped off their electronics waste for recycling and net proceeds from the event were donated to ReForest London for the Million Tree Challenge. 

The power of local action to help the environment resonates with Matt Zubick, “Helping to make London a healthier, more beautiful environment is a great gift that we can give to our children with the added bonus of being able to enjoy it right now. As Londoners who care about the environment and want a nice place to live, Reforest London is a great cause.”

EZ Cycle recyclingPeople do care about properly handling their old and obsolete electronics and on April 26th they showed up at Zubick's to donate their e-wate to help get more trees planted in London. By recycling this material it is diverted from landfill but the real benefit is that it saves a significant amount of energy as well as water and air pollution. “Recycling electronics is a relatively new solution to a new problem in our society,” Matt Zubick notes, “As technology advances, electronic items are becoming much more common and disposable. There are many problems with electronic waste beside the obvious point of needlessly filling our landfills.”

It is important for people to know why recycling your e-waste and doing it correctly is the right thing to do. “Scrap electronics contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury as well as many other metals that will leach out of landfills and contaminate areas around them.” Matt Zubick said, “Placing these items in landfill or sending them to an unregulated country is hugely irresponsible. Ontario has come up with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship program which is a way of ensuring that these items stay out of landfill and are recycled in a responsible manner. John Zubick Limited works with the Ontario Electronic Stewardship to recycle the electronics collected.”

John Zubick Ltd. has ongoing e-waste collection on site at 105 Clarke Road with a convenient drive up EZ Cycle container where you can drop off your old electronics and know they are being recycled responsibly. Visit their website to see the many kinds of items they recycle. John Zubick Ltd. logo

Thank you Matt and everyone at John Zubick Limited for being such a great Partner in London’s Million Tree Challenge!