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Jack Chambers School and Stoneybrook Heights/ Uplands Residents Association

Project type: 
Greening our Schoolyards

Fall 2006

Students at Jack Chambers School in north London created shade and oxygen for themselves and generations after them. They planted five trees along the border of the school and neighbouring Virginia Park in a project supported by the Jack Chambers School Council, Stoneybrook Heights/ Uplands Residents Association, and ReForest London. Sugar maple, basswood, Kentucky Coffee, and Hackberry were planted.


The kids worked hard digging five hole, twice as wide as the root ball.


The hole has to be this big!


These girls named their tree.


Students helped move the 125 KG tree from the VanDenNest Nursery truck with the help of the hydraulic lifting arm.

The tree is lowered carefully into the hole.


The hole is backfilled with compost and soil.