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Home Hardware Loves Trees!

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Million Tree Challenge

Harris Home Hardware at Virginia Park 2015

Harris Home Hardware on Adelaide Street in London has been a strong community supporter of tree planting in London since 2011 and an official Partner in London’s Million Tree Challenge since 2014. In fact, Home Hardware Stores Limited has been a longtime supporter of tree planting across Canada.

Harris Home Hardware at Plane Tree Park 2012 “For 24 years, Home Hardware has partnered with Tree Canada to improve our green spaces across the country by planting and looking after over 22,000 trees valued at over a million dollars,” said Terry Davis, CEO, Home Hardware Stores Limited. “This is just one example of the countless ways our Dealer-Owners from coast to coast to coast give back to their communities.” 

Ron and Tracey Harris have owned their store since 2010. “Mike Stapylton was the founder of this store,” said Ron Harris, “and it has been in this mall for 58 years. It’s the longest tenant in this mall and it has grown in size and we’re to the point now where the store has to grow again.” But this positive growth was not always the case.

Back in 2009, Ron worked for Home Hardware as a regional manager for Canada and was going into stores requiring extra help. The Adelaide Street store was one of those stores. “After doing that for six years – leaving Monday and coming home Friday, I was missing too many of my boys’ sports games and such, I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore” Ron said, “So this opportunity came up and Paul Straus the president of the company mentioned it to me and I said you can’t close that store – it’s too good of a store. He said we have nobody and I made an offhanded comment to Paul – well what about me?” And the rest is history!

When asked what the secret of their success is, Ron said, “Our personal pledge is to provide the best of value, service and satisfaction to every customer entering our store. And this is what we say to our employees – we want to offer good value in our store, outstanding customer service and we want the customer to leave the store satisfied and for the most part they are very satisfied. The majority of our customers have a problem when they come into the store - a leaky toilet, a paint problem – so they come in with a problem, they leave with a solution. That is what we strive to do.”

Harris Home Hardware is also very community-minded and supports a wide variety of organizations with prizing and they are glad to help. They are also proud of their co-op program. “Something we do in our store is have co-op students,” Ron said, “they come into our store a little uncertain about themselves and the future and often when they leave the store they have a better vision of what they want to do in life. This one young lad came in so shy that he wouldn’t even look you in the face. When he left he had no trouble talking to people and the best thing is he did a great job.”

Ivan Picott, Tracey & Ron HarrisThis is the fifth year that Harris Home Hardware has participated in Home Hardware’s annual tree plants with Tree Canada. This year, 16 Home Hardware locations will participate in Tree Canada planting events across the country including Harris Home Hardware. Harris Home Hardware will be partnering with Tree Canada and Reforest London and will celebrate National Tree Day on September 22nd by planting 221 trees at Enterprise SWM to help establish a small forest in the area. 

Active Partners in London’s Million Tree Challenge, other than funding and participating in large planting events, Harris Home Hardware regularly offers in-kind support and discounts for ReForest London planting programs. They are a true community Partner!

“We are proud that Home Hardware is committed to improving the environment – now and for generations to come,” said Michael Rosen, President of Tree Canada. “To see such a widespread effort on the part of Home Dealers in communities across Canada is extremely inspiring and sets a great example for Canadians.”

Huge thanks to Home Hardware Stores Limited and Tree Canada for your ongoing tree planting across Canada. “We’re excited to work together with Tree Canada and Home Hardware Stores Limited on this important project,” said Ron Harris, Dealer-Owner, Harris Home Hardware. “We have enjoyed great support from the local community, and this is an excellent opportunity to give back in a real and tangible way to thank our customers and community for their support over the years.”

Ron, Tracey & IvanBeing part of London’s Million Tree Challenge is a great fit for London’s Home Hardware stores. These annual plantings contribute hundreds of native trees to the challenge and help build a leafy legacy for Londoners. Thank you Harris Home Hardware for your continued support of the Million Tree Challenge and for caring enough to plant more trees and embrace the vision of a greener London.

Top image: Harris Home Hardware at Virginai Park, 2015
2nd image: Harris Home Hardware planting at Plane Tree Park, 2012.
3rd image: Ivan Picott, Tracey and Ron Harris at Virgina Park, 2015
4th image: Ron, Tracey & Ivan at A toast to Trees, 2014.