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Giving Back by Giving Trees

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Million Tree Challenge

Giving Back by Giving Trees

Partners of the Million Tree Challenge range from large corporations to individual business people. Brian ByrneBrian Byrne of Re/Max Centre City Reality, a supporter through the Appreciation Trees Program, recently decided to join the Million Tree Challenge as an official Partner.

Byrne first heard about the Million Tree Challenge at the London and St.Thomas REALTORS® AGM and trade show in April of 2012 and decided to give trees away “because they really are the perfect gift.”

As a real estate agent, Byrne feels the Appreciation Trees program is, “an ideal gift to give to a client who has just bought a new home. A tree represents many qualities like hope, growth and life, many of the same feelings clients aspire for in a new home. If London needs more trees, let’s start giving and planting more trees!”

Environmentally conscious, Byrne says he feels great every time he gives a tree. “The reactions I get are really nice and full of gratitude. I hear a lot what a fantastic idea it is. People really appreciate the gift of a tree and the opportunity to choose where to plant it, and they have fun planting with their families. This program gives me a chance to give back to the environment, to the community and to London.”

“A tree is a lifelong gift that gives back to all of us and makes our properties and parks look more attractive.” Byrne notes, “Clients who buy brand new houses in new subdivisions are especially ecstatic. One of my clients bought a condo so she decided to plant her tree in the Celebration Forest in loving memory of her husband. I thought that was very thoughtful and a great idea.”

Byrne recently took his commitment to creating a greener London one step further and joined the Million Tree Challenge as an official Partner. “Being a partner with the Million Tree Challenge is very important to me because I like getting involved in important initiatives especially ones that benefit us environmentally.”

As a London business person who is community-minded, Byrne had been looking for a way to incorporate the environment into his business and he feels this project is the perfect fit.  Byrne remarks, “Being able to help the environment, and the community is a huge benefit for me and my business. Anybody can get involved. Other London business people should support the Million Tree Challenge because it's a worthwhile initiative. It's environmental. It's economical. It gets people together planting trees. It's easy to get involved.”

An avid runner, Byrne notes, “I run through our park system a lot year-round. I couldn't imagine it without trees. We are so lucky to have such a great park system with so many trees. Trees are a big
part of our lives and are an essential part of our community. They filter our air, provide us shade, are a home for our wildlife and give our city its name, the Forest City.”