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Gibbons Park with London Life

Project type: 
Corporate Sponsored Projects

Demonstrating their continued commitment to the London community and the environment, London Life is ReForest London's lead sponsor since 2009. This year, London Life invited the London community to join in celebrating ReForest London's 5th anniversary by planting trees and hosting a party at their recreation centre along the Thames River.

It was a beautiful day and over 100 volunteers came out to plant trees and join the party. We returned to the very first project we completed in 2005, at Gibbons Park behind the tennis courts. The trees we planted five years ago are doing very well, and we extended the woodland further by planting 614 trees and shrubs. We gave away 50 White Pine seedlings to be planted in the yards of volunteers.

Following the planting, we walked to London Life's recreation centre and had a great lunch of local food catered by Garlics of London and Field Gate Organics, with a gorgeous cake from Cakewalkers. Volunteers led kids in several tree crafts, including a great tree with hand print leaves.

Thank you London Life for your continued support!