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Forest City Road Races Seedling Giveaway

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

On Saturday April 25th, 2015 a lot of people took part in cleaning the city’s parks. However, it seems that even more Londoners attended Forest City Road Race in Victoria Park, where ReForest London had a tree seedlings giveaway.

At 10 a.m. we started with one thousand tree seedlings of seven tree species.








Can you imagine that by 3 p.m. there were only 200 pots left, which we successfully handed out next day.

People expressed curiosity about how to plant trees, where to plant a tree, and how fast a tree grows. The last question turned out to be the most popular because everybody wants to see the result of their labour as soon as possible. For instance, choosing between Sugar Maple and White Pine many people preferred the pine seedling due to its rapid growth – 60 cm per year. It is amazing to see a tree that you planted only three years ago now taller than yourself!

Another point that made volunteers smile and enjoy the day were children who were ready to take  tree seedlings with them and plant immediately!

Thanks to RCC Waterproofing for providing the sponsorship and helping us to become still closer to our Million Tree Challenge goal.

Report by: Irina Chulkova

Editor: Linda Weedmark