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February 2019 - Myles Rombough

Name: Myles Rombough

Volunteer since: June 2018

Roles: Tree Specialist, Transportation Specialist, Tree Aftercare Assistant & Tree Planter

Myles Rombough

Why Myles volunteers with ReForest London:

ReForest London is the organization I’ve been looking for to help give back to the community that raised me. Brought up in the Forest City, I’ve always been proud to call the Forest City home. Trees drastically improve any landscape and benefit overall health for everyone. I love communities with heavy canopy cover and I intend to help future generations experience the Forest City as I have.

Centreline Sanitation (my employer) has been very supportive of me in helping Reforest London by allowing me time to volunteer. I am very honoured to be acknowledged at Reforest London and look forward to an even better 2019!


Thank you Myles! Want to find out how to get involved with ReForest London? Passionate about trees in your neighbourhood? Visit the Volunteer section of our website to learn more about our opportunities and to fill out a volunteer application form.