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Fairmont Trail

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

ReForest London with three classes consisting of 84 grade 5 and 6 students from Tweedsmuir Public School and Saint Bernadette Catholic School planted over 200 native trees and shrubs at Fairmont Trail to naturalize the area.

Bill DeYoung from ReForest London specializes in ecological restoration, and planned this naturalization planting project. On the planting day Bill also had the support of his team members Heather, Katie and Steve. Bill and Heather gave an informative talk and desmonstation to the classes of the importance this naturalization project as well as how to properly plant trees. The students learned about the envorinmental benefits of trees to help clean the air, conserving water, provide habitat for wildlife, and many other benefits.

The students were very eager to help ReForest London plant trees, and were excited to see their success in planting over 200 trees and shrubs. The students enjoyed learning what kind of trees and shrubs they were planting, as well as keeping track of how many trees they planted throughout the day. "I can't wait to see how big the trees I planted will grow" said one of the students.

It was wonderful to see the landscape change from an empty open grass area to a lush green space filled with hundreads of trees and shrubs to grow to become a beautiful woodland. Thank you to all the hard work of all the sutdents, teachers and ReForest London staff to make this planting day a success.

 Fairmont Trail Planitng  Fairmont Trail Planitng
 Fairmont Trail Planitng  Fairmont Trail Planitng
Fairmont Trail Planitng  Fairmont Trail Planitng