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Project type: 
Park Naturalization

October 25, 2005 and Spring 2005

Envirowestern and ReForest London teamed up for a new naturalization project at UWO near the TD Waterhouse Stadium. This project was the first time ReForest London has employed the "pit and mound" method of naturalizing. This innovative technique developed by local farmer and nurseryman Mathes Natvik seeks to mimic nature my manually creating large pits and mounds, similar to what you would find when a tree falls in the forest. The place where the root ball was is the pit, and the large root ball becomes a mound next to the pit. You can read more abou this technique here.

Students, staff and faculty planted about 200 trees and shrubs at this site.

Students, faculty and staff helped plant trees and shrubs among the pits and mounds.

The student led project continues in the Spring with the removal of invasive species along the perimeter of the new naturalization area.