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Elsie Perrin Williams Estate

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10,000 Trees for the Medway

In 2007, ReForest London launched Ivey 10,000 Trees for the Medway, a multi-year project to plant 10,000 trees in this important environmental corridor. The 2007 graduating class of the Richard Ivey School of Business provided the seed money for this project, and planted the first 1,000 trees in the spring of 2007. ReForest London seeks partners in this ongoing project.

The project will plant 10,000 trees over the several years along the Medway Creek beginning at the mouth of the Medway at the Thames River north to the city limits at the Sunningdale Golf Course. This project is important because we are improving an significant piece of London's natural heritage.

A watercourse should have a 30-metre buffer, according to Environment Canada, but in many places along the Medway Creek, it is less than 3 metres. The project will follow conservation plans for the Medway Valley Heritage Forest that call for naturalizing the edges of the area to increase and improve the buffer around the forest. The Medway Valley has a diversity of ecosystems and many Carolinian species of plants which normally would be found in more southern regions, and this project seeks to enhance this diversity.

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Project Locations

University of Western Ontario: Student Residences and Westminster College

Over 1,000 trees and shrubs were planted in two events to kick off the project in the spring of 2007. Students from the graduating class of the Richard Ivey School of Business planted trees near Westminster College on a rainy spring day. Later that spring, incoming business school students planted trees near the Saugeen and Bayfield residence halls on the University Campus. Larger trees were also installed at both locations. Aftercare, which included weeding and mulching, was provided at both locations by student volunteers and by employees and their families of CitiBank in the fall of 2007.

Elsie Perrin Williams Estate

In the fall of 2007, over 300 students planted an additional 1,000 trees and shrubs near the Medway Creek at the Elsie Perrin Williams Estate. First, 150 students attending the National Student Leadership Conference, hosted by Beal Secondary School, planted about 150 trees and shrubs as part of a community outreach element of the conference. Next, the Ivey HBA Class planted an additional 700 trees as part of the Ivey Connects Community Action Day. These hardworking students worked in teams all day to plant hundreds of trees, making an tremendous visual impact in just one day.

In the fall of 2008, we returned to the Elsie Perrin Williams Estate to plant an additional 635 trees and shrubs. During a blustery fall day, 75 volunteers planted trees and shrubs along the Medway Creek. This project was funded by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, Shell Environmental Fund, friends and family of Dick Markvoort, and New St. James Presbyterian Church.

Gainsborough Park

In spring 2008, 780 trees and 410 shrubs were planted in Gainsborough Park (near the Doncaster Gate). In two planting days, first students from the Richard Ivey School of Business planted trees a part of Ivey Connects Community Action Day. Second, members of the public came to plant trees. In all, 135 volunteers help to plant trees and shrubs in the location. This project was sponsored by Trojan Technologies.