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Ealing PS

Project type: 
Greening our Schoolyards

A beautiful spring day led to the planting of 6 trees and 15 shrubs throughout the Ealing school yard. Two trees were planted around the entrance of the school, with benches for students and parents to sit on. Two new shade tree was planted near the climbers, and another near the baseball diamond. Trees and shrubs were also planted in the kindergarden area. The City of London also planted about 10 trees along the streets on both sides of the school.

Students help fill in a hole for their new Sugar Maple tree.

Principal Dom Laruso helped dig too.


Students worked together to plant and water their new trees

Each class got a brief lesson on the species being planted and the benefits of trees.


Trees from VanDenNest Nursery, awaiting their new home.

An Ealing student smiles next to his new tree.

Students helped move the trees to their new home.

Shrubs and bags of mulch, awaiting planting.

The new logs make great places for parent and students to relax and play.