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Clara Brenton Public School

Project type: 
Greening our Schoolyards

Rain or Shine! Rain or Shine! That's what the children shouted as they came running out of the school. In fact, it was raining quite hard in the early afternoon of Friday, May 6th at Clara Brenton Public School in Northwest London.


Part of the play area, next to the jungle gym, was to be planted in a semi-circle with wonderful logs for children to sit on. And eventually, there will also be a canopy of full-grown trees.  


ReForest's own Gabi, explained to the students that all the plants to be planted were Native to our area. All these native trees and shrubs are especially important because they thrive in both our cold winters and our hot/humid summers. There were four types of trees planted: tulip, sugar maple, white pine, and burr oak.


As in the past, the Dirty Girls did a great job of preparing the site. Norm's Tree Service donated both the logs and the mulch and Kamarah Tree Farm provided the trees and the shrubs.


All in all, despite the weather, every tree and shrub eventually got planted and the children now have a semicircle of new vegetation to call their own. 

Story and Pictures by Linda Simpson.


Gabi and the kids Volunteers planting
specimen tree







the worksite